My young Fife

This is the only bird I have got to the sticks so far. Advertisements


Big changes 

Hi, so I haven’t posted for a while as my room has gone through quite a few transitions due to poor breeding results and a change of heart of what I want to keep. I have decided to sell the Yorkshire canaries and the Mosaics and keep Fife canaries again solely which is in some… Continue reading Big changes 

Illness and death

Chicks dying

Good afternoon, sadly the two Mosaic red browns died at two weeks through lack of feeding although the parents were trying. The chicks would call for food but not open their mouths. For me this is down to leaving the nest too early and I will not put the nest down to cage floor anymore… Continue reading Chicks dying


Update of canary breeding season 2017

Morning, this is just a little update on current progress with my breeding season of 2017. Things have started very slowly and a little unsuccessfully as we are coming to the end of round one and I currently have six chicks with two of them being two weeks old now and rung up and the… Continue reading Update of canary breeding season 2017


DE powder for red mite on canaries

Some DE to powder under the breeding cage trays and in to nests etc to kill any mite that may encounter it.


Breeding season end of March!

As things stand, I have two mosaic red browns on set nests, one mosaic yellow agate topaz and one capped buff clear fife hen. I have one Green yellow Yorkshire who is building a nest also so just two pairs of Yorkshires that are currently not going down. I think this is mainly due to… Continue reading Breeding season end of March!


Breeding season starts in earnest…

Good morning feathered fanatics. It is a beautiful sunny day today and the weather is a little warmer. My birds are on 14.5 hours light now as I have artificial lighting. My mosaics are nesting well and all three pairs have nests built with two of them now on a full nest of eggs so… Continue reading Breeding season starts in earnest…