Update of canary breeding season 2017

Morning, this is just a little update on current progress with my breeding season of 2017. Things have started very slowly and a little unsuccessfully as we are coming to the end of round one and I currently have six chicks with two of them being two weeks old now and rung up and the other four being a new nest that are about four days old.


The Mosaics are not doing so well so far. One of the Mosaic red brown nests had four eggs all infertile and the other Mosaic red browns had four eggs of which two have hatched and survived so far. The Mosaic yellow agate topaz had two eggs in the first round and one of them failed to hatch properly and died and the other I moved to the Mosaic red brown nest and that subsequently died.

My Yorkshire canaries have been not so good either with one of the two hens stopping sitting after about five days so I had to move her eggs to other hens but I am not sure if that was too late or not yet. The other Yorkshire hen is still sitting the first round so fingers crossed for some chicks from her.

I will update again shortly with some photos.


4 thoughts on “Update of canary breeding season 2017

  1. I have same problem very poor start this year,I have 11 pair’s of Spanish timbrado canary got 2 hens down due to hatch Saturday,there all paired up building the nest’s.


    1. I suppose the weather maybe is not helping matters as it goes warm then cold. I have used artificial lighting but still not had any luck with many chicks dying. My Yorkshire Canaries especially are struggling to get any fertility. I hope your Timbrados do well for you Mike.


      1. Thanks mine are due to hatch this Sunday,I have birds nest building but not doing more than that,they are mating too which is a good sign.

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