Big changes 

Hi, so I haven’t posted for a while as my room has gone through quite a few transitions due to poor breeding results and a change of heart of what I want to keep. I have decided to sell the Yorkshire canaries and the Mosaics and keep Fife canaries again solely which is in some part to watching The Canary Room with Matt Eld which has reignited my interest and love for the Fife variety. I have got five Fifes at the moment but not of show quality which I am just getting a bit of experience back with this season as I only managed to get one chick to the sticks so far. I am going to buy some birds off Terry Kelly and Adam and Sharon Kendall in October to start me off. My cages got sold as I was going to pack it up so back to wooden cages for now which I will renovate and make my own. Will update shortly! Hope your season is going far better than mine! 


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